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Lymphoma — cancer of the lymphatic system, that is actively involved in metabolism and purifying of tissues and cells. In most cases, the lymph nodes are thos that are most affected by this cancer.

A new method of treatment was suggested at the Institute of Isotopes in Israel by Dr. Sofey Lantsberg (Director of the Institute) in collaboration with the Institute of hematology , the head of which is Dr. Itay Levy.

According to the new technique, the patient is injected with a special substance which has a radioactive «attached» radioactive isotope, which possesses the possibility to identify cancer cells. Once in the human body, isotope destroys those cells without causing any damage to surrounding normal, not affected tissue.

However, according to Dr. Lantsberg, the new treatment method is not suited for all lymphoma patients. It’s effectiveness is required to be assessed individually for each patient, usung thorough diagnosis of the disease.

As reported by the medical center, the new method has been applied so far only in four cases and they all showed very good results.

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