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The medical center offers various methods of diagnostics using the most advanced ultra-sound techniques, CT scan, MRI, X-Ray and computerized biochemical, immunological, microbiological, cytogenetic and histological laboratories. In addition there are many types of widely used virtual, non-invasive tests that are conducted in order to obtain a quick and accurate diagnosis and to detect almost any disease at its earliest stages.
The Center offers a full range of services dedicated to meeting the special needs of international patients, their families and personal physicians. As a patient, you will receive the expertise of highly skilled medical and nursing staff at the forefront of patient care and scientific research, all of whom are skilled at using state-of-the-art technology. Traveling from another country for medical treatment is difficult enough without the added uncertainty that comes with facing new places and people.
The center’s specially trained, multilingual staff will work to meet your health care needs and make your stay in the hospital as comfortable as possible.
Israeli medicine is known worldwide for its concentration on the most complex and highly-developed medical methods, successfully tested and used in Israel as well as other countries all over the world.
A unique feature at the Center is the individual approach and attention to each patient. A major goal of the joint team of doctors is to do everything in its abilities to help the patient recover as fast and comfortably as possible, so that everyone who is treated leaves completely satisfied and has a most pleasant experience at TOP ICHILOV medical center.

Weizman 14, Tel Aviv, Israel, 64239
Tek. +972-3-763-11-75
Fax +972-3-760-1000
Email: info@ichilovtop.com
For all medical matters please contact us at doctor@ichilovtop.com


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